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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  March 2, 2010 9:00am-9:30am EST

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from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. a censure vote. marion barry is expected to lose much of the power he currently wields on the dc city council. highway trust fund, political infighting on captiol hill is keeping several road crews out of work. and no more weekends, saving the postal service from bankruptcy could mean doing away with saturday delivery. good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is tuesday, march 2nd. our forecast going downhill from here. here's howard bernstein with an update. >> just a little bump in the road until we get to some spring-like weather in to next week. for now we are watching the clouds increasing from the south and west. you see the wintry weather from tennessee, alabama and north
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georgia. there are winter weather advisories down there where the cold air is trapped. for us we will be on the border. a rain/snow mix here in washington. temperatures right now, check them out. in the low 40s here. fredericksburg, as well. upper 30s to the north and west. 37 garrett county. schools are closed again. they have had 21 feet plus this winter season. their all-time snowiest. and baltimore is 39. looking at the day at a glance, temperatures around 40. in the mid-40s by lunchtime and dropping as we will see light rain this afternoon. any accumulation tonight and tomorrow will be light and grassy surfaces. right now, patranya bhoolsuwan is in with the traffic. >> good morning, everybody. we still have a problem on the toll road. this accident is still not going away. still blocking two lanes of traffic past hunter mill. traffic is jammed up to 28. going to the district and a live picture there.
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brentwood parkway is closed due to police investigation going on in that area. take montana to go around it. if you look at the outer loop, jammed bumper-to-bumper from 95 to georgia. i-95 delays back to 198. and finally wrap it up on 66. still jammed from 123 to the beltway. add ten minutes to get through that route. back to you. marion barry is preparing for another political fight. today his fellow dc council members are expected to impose severe sanctions on the ward 8 councilman. kristin fisher is live at the wilson building with more. >> reporter: good morning. as of now, the plan is for the dc council to hold its regular legislative session at 10:00 this morning, and then they will hold a second special session likely this afternoon to deal with just that very vote. keep in mind, dc council chairman vincent gray is yet to sigh when or if that vote will indeed take place.
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now, this all stems from an investigation in to dc council earmarks in which washington attorney concluded barry misused public fund and violated conflict of interest rules. specifically he's accused of securing contracts for his off and on girlfriend and other political associates. last week barry admitted to awarding those contracts. listen to what he had to say. >> i take full responsibility for this lack of good judgment. >> reporter: so barry has apologized, but he maintains he broke no laws. still the dc council is stepping in. the council is likely to vote by censuring barry by stripping him of the chairmanship of the housing committee removing him from the powerful finance and revenue commit teen ' referring the allegation against him to the u.s. attorneys office. that could spell many legal issues for barry christian to the fact it could mean he would lose the budget that comes with
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the chairmanship and a lot of the staff for that committee once the new committee -- once the new council member takes over. back to you. >> thank you. beginning today the archdiocese of washington will no longer allow any of its employees at its catholic charities to add spouses to their health care coverage. the move is in response to the district's same-sex marriage law which is expected to take affect tomorrow. without the change the church would be legally required to extend coverage to an employee's same sex spouse and opponents of same-sex marriage are taking their case to the supreme court. they want the court to allow district residents to vote on the same-sex marriage issue and block the issuing of licenses. that idea has been rejected by lower courts and no word if the supreme court will consider the case. today congress will meet and decide whether to restore funding to the highway trust fund. political fighting has blocked money and hundreds of local construction workers are going on an unpaid furlough.
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that slowed work on projects like the humpback bridge along the gw parkway and dozens of other projects an the nation. kentucky senator jim bunning is blocking the funding to try to stop government funding. vice president biden disagrees. >> at a time when so many families are in so much pain, we shouldn't be shutting off the few valves of relief that are available for people. >> reporter: if funding is restored today, workers could be on the job by tomorrow. at another hearing on captiol hill today, toyota executives plan to announce that a former clinton administration official will lead an independent safety panel reviewing the company's quality control practices. former transportation secretary rodney slater will lead the effort. also today, the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments for and against chicago's 28-year-old ban on handguns. the ban has challenges but this is the first challenge since the supreme court overturned the district of columbia's
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handgun ban in 2008. president obama is preparing to outline a revised health care proposal tomorrow. earlier today, house majority leader hoyer spoke on the "early show" about democrats being able to reach a consensus among themselves. >> last thursday the president convened 20 democrats, 20 republicans, house and senate to discuss it. i thought it was a civil, positive discussion and there were great areas of agreement and i think the answer to that question is yes. in terms of cost containment. clearly, as you know, the budget office says our bills save about $132 million the next ten years and a trillion dollars over the next 20 years. >> reporter: a new associated press survey says at least nine of the 39 democrats who were no votes from the house passed the sweeping measure in november
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are reserving judgment until they see the final product. jurors reached a split decision in the street racing trial against taylor. he was accused of being the second driver in a street race in accokeek, maryland two years ago that led to the deaths of eight people. jurors viced him of two lesser charges, reckless driving and racing. however, they deadlocked on the vehicular manslaughter charges which would have sent him to prison up to 80 years. prosecutors will see a new trial. police issued a silver alert for a missing senior sits zen. patsy thomas newman left her families home just before 6:00 last night. she was driving a 2008 ford escape with maryland tag 03230m1. newman has ail timers and does not have any identification or a cell phone. if you have any information, call howard county police at
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410-313-3200. the head of the postal service wants to cut back delivery to five days. postmaster general john potter will submit a formal request by the end of the month. he says it's the only way to keep the postal service from going bankrupt. the move needs approval still from congress. nationals fans, get ready, regular season tickets go on this morning at 10:00. here's the highlights for the upcoming season -- our time is 8 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right
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bitter could be the key to getting great travel bargains this spring. "usa today's" travel expert is here with advice and long time no see. good to see you. >> good to be back. >> talk about twitter the social network helping me get where i want to go. >> twitter has been all over the news for a year or two now. some love it and some hate it but if you want to save on airfares there are ways to do it. jetblue is called jetblue cheaps and united are called twares, twitter fares. they will send out a tweet, a message that goes out to the followers and there are great specials. jetblue's have included $19 from new york to washington and
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if you are in new york $9 to martha's vineyard in the summer. >> you have to jump on them right away. >> these are really short sales two to four hours tops but another way you might be able to find low fares and we are all looking for a bargain. >> where do i go that's a cheap destination. >> with spring break coming up a lot of people are wondering if they don't have plans yet where can we go? a lot of places that are normally cheap are cheap again this year. florida is a good value. most are inexpensive. miami is tough but if you go to west palm beach, orlando, that is good. california is looking good. three bay area airports, it is really cheap to get to california right now and if you are not tired of the snow and don't want to head where it is warmer the best opportunity is boston. all the competition at bwi. if you make it to bwi you can get to boston for 100 round trip, $50 each way from bwi. you don't have to book more
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than two or three weeks out to get that fare. there's some aggressive sale fares going on. >> you don't have vancouver or anything down there in canada and you would think the olympics and you would think there would be a fire sale there. >> it would cost you a pretty penny but all of the hotels at near record or capacity during the olympics, everyone has pretty much left in mass. there are a lot of empty rooms just like the day after new year's eve, new year's day hotels are empty. same thing in vancouver. if you get there cheap you will be able to stay pretty cheap. >> amtrak is a good way to go. >> we always forget about amtrak. for the regional trains $98 round trip. book 21 days in advance and that's a great fare for new york. >> one way ticket. >> if you can't find a cheap fare round trip, price it one way. this week we found a $70
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savings to l.a. times a family of four that's a big savings. >> ben, good to have you with us. thank you for being a guest on 9 news over the years. let's go to howard. clouds are sneaking in. a little rain or snow this afternoon. better chance of snow north and west with some rain south and east. maybe a rain/snow mix in washington. for wednesday we are talking about highs in the 40s with snow or rain south and east. could be some minor accumulation on grassy surfaces and by thursday, lower 40s, with the sunshine returning. this afternoon, clouds, little rain/snow develops. sunset today at 6:02 p.m. tonight, wet snow, rain southeast an inch or less. skyline drive, got two to three inches tonight and tomorrow, locally four wouldn't surprise me out of the elevations. lows in the low to mid-30s. we are seeing the moisture increase from the south and
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west. look at. this you go to south central and southwestern virginia, rain and snow down 81 in to tennessee and the appalachians north carolina. even alabama had winter weather advisories out this morning. temperatures right now 41 here. 40 richmond and norfolk. pittsburgh is 30. cumberland 34 and atlantic city right now upper 30s. locally 41 degrees at national. the dew point is 28 and the wind is north at five miles an hour. the storm system here and in the southeast. look at all the rain and snow mix across tennessee, northern alabama. that storm is moving up toward us. a little closer in picture and you can see how the moisture is getting in to southwestern virginia. as we look at the fine future cast you will see as we head to tonight, the storm is close enough that while we will get some snow it should be warm enough i'm thinking mainly grassy accumulations on the and tomorrow and then it pulls away by wednesday afternoon and
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wednesday evening. as we look at the seven-day forecast, temperatures are going to recover nicely after we get past thursday. friday 40s and then the weekend 50s and by monday we are talking 60 degrees. looking much better the second half of the week. now, back to andrea. if you are suffering from sleep apnea, a trip to the dentist could help you breathe easier. here to explain is the founder of the aesthetic dental spa in tysons corner, virginia. good to have you with us. what is sleep apnea. >> sleep apnea is when you stop breathing in your sleep. you stop breathing or you take 25% of a full breath for more than ten seconds while you are sleeping that is called sleep apnea and it happens a bunch of times throughout the night. >> reporter: we are talking to a dentist about curing sleep apnea. i would think it was a pulmonary person or ear, nose and throat doctor.
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what can a dentist do to help sleep apnea. >> a lot of times they open the airway, but it is a little invasive. another person is sleep doctors and they will give you a cpap machine and it has a steady stream of air to open the airway. not very sexy. it is a mask. >> with a tube that comes out while they are sleeping. >> people don't like to wear it so they are not compliant. that's still the gold standard but if they are not compliant, there's another option, the option is an oral appliance made. it brings the lower jaw forward. and when the tong follows it stops you from closing the airway. it won't collapse. >> is this a new approach to sleep apnea. >> it has been around for a while. there are some out there. the one i like has been in the u.s. since 2006 and it is australian company. easy to use, comfortable.
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you can talk and drink and eat with it. not eat but i mean drink with it. >> reporter: this is something you put in and take out. not something you have in your mouth all the time. >> not a cure just something you use at night while you are sleeping. >> do most people know it is sleep apnea they are suffering from. >> some people know and they have an idea they have it. people have told them they snore loudly and stop breathing when you are sleeping. but others don't know. because the year 2020, 20% of the population will have sleep apnea. >> reporter: if it goes untreated the consequences of not dealing with the condition. >> it is dangerous. you could increase your chance of a heart attack by four times increase depression by 40%. increased chance of diabetes, weight gain actually because it regulates the hormone that tell you when you are full and you shouldn't eat anymore. >> we know how important sleep is and maybe this device can help people who are suffering
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from sleep apnea. >> yes, definitely helps. >> is it covered by insurance. >> covered by medical insurance. >> that's a good thing, as well. >> you can learn more about it, we have more on our website at dr. alex, good to have you with us. >> thank you. (woman) these are my mom's shoes. i walked in her shoes all 60 miles. (laughs) (man) when they first told us she had breast cancer, i was scared to death. i thought that i was gonna lose my best friend. (woman) the 3-day walk is-- is a life-changing experience. it's so filled with hope, with love and support.
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try cortizone 10 new easy relief applicator. the strongest itch relief medicine with no mess healing. cortizone 10. easy relief applicator.
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we are spicing it up and eating healthy this morning with one of dc's most famous chef. he is the owner of cora restaurant in crystal city. thank you so much. >> nice to be here. >> we are spicing and healthy today because we are making salmon. >> yeah. we are cooking salmon. actually we have new products on the market. we will use those products to show you how to spice it up. >> it is a new spice line available on your website. so for folks that follow you this is a perfect way for them to cook like you at home. >> exactly. all right. we will start with the salmon, beautiful piece of salmon, a little bit of salt. don't really need pepper because the chip pollty, black tea rub is just perfect for it. it has everything you need. >> a little bit on there. >> if you like it very spicy put as much as you want. >> and then put a little sere
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on it. >> you gave mae tip. tell me about the oil you are using. a lot of people reach for olive oil you use it but in a combination. we use vegetable and olive oil because we want to higher up the burning point. don't want olive oil to burn. you want the fresh flavor of the olive oil but if you burn it out it won't work. >> you have a vinaigrette you are going to make. >> we will make a healthy interesting vinaigrette. first thing we will do, we have carrot here. put a little carrot in here. celery. you have recipe so follow the recipe. onion. just a little bit of soy sauce. nice touch of sugar. that probably cuts acidity, too. >> some ginger and if you want
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it spicy put more ginger. something we sell is jasmine citrus syrup. who doesn't like jasmine. >> the smell, i wish people could smell this. it smells delicious. >> we are using white wine vinegar but you can use balsamic if you want. put the vinegar in. >> and then you just chop it up in the blender. >> chop it up and while you are doing that you add the oil. >> that's the trick. >> and i'll stand back. >> this is the finished product and you are going to put me to work. you want me to spoon a little bit or a lot. >> a little bit. >> that's enough. >> and then i will toss this up. >> now obviously the salmon is not done yet but through the magic of television you have a piece that is. >> we have a piece that is already ready for you and also you can add a little tomatoes in there. >> let me finish this off
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because we are going to end this with a little sample for folks at home. coming up we want to tell folks we will try this and finish the dish when we return on 9 news now.
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all right. here's what is on tap for the rest of the week at 9 news now at 9:00 a.m. vincent gray drops by tomorrow. we will talk about what is happening today the censure vote for barry. fairfax county superintendent jack dale is here on thursday. actress jane seymore is joining us on friday. howard? >> we are looking at the clouds building. a little rain or snow developing this afternoon. could be minor accumulations tonight in to wednesday out west and then much nicer by the weekend and early next week. we want to thank the chef for coming in. cora in crystal city. we have been so busy eating and it is delicious. >> i'm still lobbying for a
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location closer in to dc. >> we will be there. >> that's it for us. the next news is at noon with howard and j.c. will be here. and we will be here tomorrow morning starting bright and early at 4:55.
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